Fundamental to our position as an international institution, is our ambition to make education accessible at strategic centres across the globe.  As these centres continue to develop, so too do the opportunities we can offer you as a student.


Jamaica is a sunny island of almost 3 million people, and from 2015 it is also the location for our first International Study Centre in the Caribbean region. Axial Colleges is glad to bring British Higher Education to the people of Jamaica, where students can enjoy academic guidance from professional lecturers and can engage with fellow students for group and project work.

The first programme we invite students to enrol into at this Study Centre is for Postgraduate studies in Strategic Management. Through our university partnerships, entry to this programme is for holders of a recognised Bachelor’s Degree, who aspire to Master’s level studies and who want the opportunity to study abroad for the final Dissertation stage of the MBA or Business Master’s Degree.
The Axial Study Centre in Jamaica operates in partnership with Jamcana, an established education company of many years’ experience in Kingston. This brings together a wealth of experience in international education, and means students benefit from the support of professionals in both the UK and Jamaica. When students are awarded a place at the Study Centre, they are registered on the UK education system as an international student, and we work with Jamcana to ensure the local culture is understood and respected at the same as ensuring British educational standards are delivered an upheld. It’s a truly international experience!

The philosophy we maintain with our international Study Centres is that students should have the opportunity to pursue their studies in the way that works best for them. For some students this could mean remaining in Jamaica to complete the final stage of their chosen university Degree, and so our partnerships include Distance-Learning study options that allow our students to remain at the Study Centre to complete their UK Degree studies. And for those students who are excited at the prospect of the study-abroad experience, we have some great opportunities available to you in the UK and internationally, and if you prefer a new location that is not currently offered by Axial then we will assist you in the application process to the university of your choice.
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