Fundamental to our position as an international institution, is our ambition to make education accessible at strategic centres across the globe.  As these centres continue to develop, so too do the opportunities we can offer you as a student.


Kampala, in Uganda, is in the centre of East Africa and boasts stunning wildlife and nature-reserves, as well as the renowned Lake Victoria. Axial International College Uganda offers UK Higher Diploma and Postgraduate studies for local and international students, and benefits from UK accreditation for the institution as well as for our programmes. This campus was our first international centre, having been set up in 2012, and has developed strongly over the recent years in terms of student numbers and the programmes on offer.

The Uganda campus is a licensed partner college, which operates from a purpose-designed building in a private compound in the tranquil surroundings of the Kampala suburb called Muyenga. There are other international universities in our local area, as well as a buzzing social-scene and nightlife, which makes it the ideal location for aspiring corporate and creative professionals.

We support the Uganda campus with programme and accreditation compliance, and branding under our license agreement, which means there is a constant knowledge-exchange between London and the academic professionals at the college in Kampala. This means students enjoy an active international network, with opportunities to progress with their studies to locations in the UK and around the world. We are proud of the efforts of our students and faculty at our East Africa campus, and with a bright future on the horizon for Africa in general we are proud to be a part of developing the leaders of tomorrow!
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