Fundamental to our position as an international institution, is our ambition to make education accessible at strategic centres across the globe.  As these centres continue to develop, so too do the opportunities we can offer you as a student.

UK Online

UK Online
London is our academic headquarters for our UK qualifications. From here we oversee UK accreditations and partnerships, and ensure that our students at Study Centres around the world are registered on the UK education system. We engage with accreditation bodies, academics and universities here in the UK, and regularly disseminate information and knowledge from Axial London out to our Study Centres, students and partners. It’s our hub of international information exchange!

We are privileged here in London, to be in a city where students, entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world can come together to be a part of a truly world-leading economy. From the financial centre of the city (where one of our partners, Sunderland University London, have their campus), through to the emerging “flat-white economy” as it’s known in London (that’s the burgeoning sector of small start-up and tech firms), it’s the ideal place from which our international knowledge-hub should manage our college network.
For enquiries about our UK programmes, you are welcome to contact us here in London, or directly at the Study Centre of your choice. Welcome to Axial Colleges!

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