MBA/MSc Pathway

Why choose this course?

The level 7 Postgraduate Business qualification in Strategic Management provides aspiring business-people with insight into high-level business concepts, and an understanding of a wide range of contemporary issues impacting on strategic planning and decision making.

With a strong emphasis on the development of practical skills and the acquisition of requisite knowledge for critical review and dissemination of management concepts and problems, this course requires students to engage in discussion and appraisal activities to develop and prove their ability to think, and make decisions, like a senior manager.

The course explores the complex nature of leadership and management in our rapidly evolving corporate environment, to cause you to consider and challenge long-held theories, and to develop your critical skills and understanding of those matters affecting today’s business leaders.

Graduates of the Postgraduate Diploma will not only understand the forces and factors that influence the broader economy, they will also have acquired the skills to evaluate and apply core management functions and effective strategic planning and leadership. Ultimately, this can enhance your corporate career or entrepreneurial ambitions, and it also gives you the option to carry on into the dissertation stage of the MBA or another related Masters Degree.

How is this program taught?

You will benefit from a variety of teaching and learning methods depending upon your chosen mode of study, including: lectures, web-based seminars, practical assignments, group activities, personal research and case studies. Personal and group study, and independent research, are integral in studying this course, helping you to develop the transferrable skills that you will need as a professional in the workplace.

Depending upon your chosen mode of study, some or all modules include web and digital based elements to promote the flexibility of today’s progressive study environment.  Postgraduate students are often required to engage with business networks or industry participants in order to undertake assessments and show evidence of suitable aptitude and effective application of high-level management practices.

Formal hours of study usually range from 12-16hrs per week, with some additional classroom sessions for full-time campus students, and research and project work for distance-learning students.

How will I be assessed?

A comprehensive range of assessment practices are used, includes essays, reports, individual and group presentations and discussion forums, investigating companies, and disseminating and addressing briefs from industry at the level expected of a postgraduate student.

Examinations are not a typical form of assessment, as evidence-based project work to show your ability to understand and apply the relevant knowledge and skills is a more effective form of learning and assessment for executive-level study.

Depending upon which university you choose to progress to for the final stage of your Postgraduate studies you may find a varied approach to assessment, which will ultimately develop your abilities even further.

Hours & credits

This 2-semester Postgraduate program comprises 120 credits, which is the majority of the 180-credit Master’s Degree (such as the MBA).   The minimum number of hours generally required for study and project work is 350-400 direct learning hours for the full program (over 2 semesters full-time, or longer if studied part-time).  Additional research, project, and revision time is usual when undertaking studies at this level.

If you progress into the final year of the Master’s Degree with one of our partner universities you will complete the final 60-120 credits (depending which Master’s Degree you choose), and this can be completed in as little as 6 weeks (or as long as 6 months at some universities, if you prefer) on campus, plus time for completing a dissertation.

Entry requirements

For direct entry into this level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management you should hold a UK Bachelor’s Degree (2:2) or an international equivalent, usually in a related field.

For students who do not possess a Bachelor’s Degree, you may be eligible to enrol as a mature student if you can demonstrate 2 years of suitable managerial work experience. 

To progress into the final stage of the Master’s Degree with a partner university you must also meet their respective entry requirements, such as satisfactory grades in your PGD studies with Axial, and the requisite English language ability for your chosen course of study (each university has individual requirements, and details can be provided to students at the time of their initial application to Axial).

Where will this course take me?

Students who successfully complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management will be able to pursue a range of exciting careers, or even take entrepreneurial steps to develop their own business ideas.  Graduates can also continue on the study pathway to achieve a Master’s Degree in a related programme area, such as the internationally respected MBA. 

Because of the focus on critical thinking and evaluation, as well as developing managerial and leadership qualities, our graduates are highly employable in a wide range of business areas throughout industry, commerce, the public sector and non-profit-making organisations.

You may also have the opportunity to study abroad, if you opt to progress to a UK or an international campus of one of our university partners.  This could take you to London or other parts of the UK, or even Europe!


2015/16 tuition fees vary depending upon location, and whether you study on campus or by distance. For information about prices for on-campus studies, please send your enquiry, and tell us which campus or Axial Colleges Study Centre you prefer, and our student advisors will contact you with the information you require.

Distance learning fees start at just £249 per module (for the 8 subject qualification).  We also offer an initial enrolment-pack, which gets you enrolled as a distance-learning student with Axial College and registered on the UK system, plus your first unit fees and learning material, for £599 (includes a tablet PC set up for e-Learning, all application fees, Awarding-Body registration, and tuition fees for Unit-1).

What will I learn?

The programme level and content requires a varied approach to your studies, to ensure you’ll have the awareness and skills to succeed not only in the world of management, but in further Postgraduate studies if you choose to progress to an international university.

The programme units vary depending upon which location you choose attend for your studies, and the 5 core units of the PGD offered at our Study Centres are listed below.  All of these must be completed along with 3 specialist subjects in order to achieve this Postgraduate qualification.  By expanding each unit you can read details of content to be covered in each subject:

Title Department  Credits 
Organisational Behaviour PGDB-1 15
To explore the importance of different forms of organisational behaviours in organisational effectiveness and efficiency, and to understand the importance of organisational structure, culture, motivation, creativity and leadership.

In this unit learners will consider effective leadership behaviour theory and practice; how organisational structures and culture impact on the effectiveness of the organisation; how the organisation can improve employee effectiveness to respond to business opportunities, and; organisational decision making.
Business Environment HNDB-1 15
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Business Environment HNDB-1 15
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  • Delivery mode: Distance Learning (London)
    On Campus (Study Centres)
    Uganda Campus
  • Duration: 9 months - 1 year (Full-time)
    Part-time options
    Flexible Distance Learning
  • Award Level: Level 7 (Postgraduate)
  • Final award: Post Graduate Diploma/PgD in Strategic Management (UK)
  • Progression: Final/Dissertation stage of the MBA, or
    Other MSc Business Degree
    (UK & International)

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