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To help you with the most common questions, we have put together the following FAQs

n Level 7
The level 7 Postgraduate programmes at Axial generally require that you have completed an undergraduate Degree or equivalent (level 6 on the UK Qualification Framework), and if your Degree is in a different field to your preferred Postgraduate course then some relevant industry experience can often help you to qualify for entry.

Learners must usually be aged 19 years or above to be accepted into most Postgraduate programmes.

n Level 5
To enrol directly into our level 5 UK Undergraduate pathways, students are normally expected to hold A-level qualifications or a suitable equivalent (e.g. Foundation Diploma, IB, AVCE, or an overseas equivalent).

You must be aged at least 19 years by the time you complete the level 5 qualification, and have a good standard of English literacy and numeracy supported by a general education to qualify for entry.

n Level 4
For students who do not currently have the grades for direct entry into the 2-year level 5 programmes, we offer a level 4 Foundation Year (equivalent to a Foundation Programme, and the first year of the 2-year level 5 qualification). 

To be accepted into this course of study, students must have successfully completed GSCE studies or similar, and turn 18 before the end of the course.  Overseas learners must show proficiency in the English language equivalent to IELTS 5.5
Applying for enrolment is a simple 3-step process, and prospective students should start by choosing a campus location and a mode of study (full-time, part-time, or distance-learning), and then:

Complete the relevant Application Form and return it with the application-fee.

Then, if your application form is accepted, you must submit your supporting documentation, to include:

n Personal Statement

n Proof of Qualifications with transcripts and final certificates, and English proficiency if you are from abroad

n Certified Passport Copy

Finally, you must confirm your place on your chosen program by signing and returning your formal Offer Agreement, and make tuition payment by the deadline.

Once you have completed these 3 steps for making an application, successful applicants will be sent details of how to begin their programme.  As always, our Student Advisors are happy to answer questions, and depending upon your location we can assign you the best advisor for your enquiry.

To request an application form, use our enquiry-box or contact details and we will be happy to assist you with the documentation you require.
Each program that is listed on this website describes the Units that are included, and usually all units must be completed to achieve the overall award.  In general, each program is designed to give you knowledge as well as practical ability in the subject matter you study.  This is important in our current decade because employers demand that graduates can walk into a job with the ability to bring skills and value from the beginning!

The units to be completed for each programme generally require an amount of research and study, followed by the production of a piece of assessment to evidence your understanding and ability.  For Creative Media Design, for example, this might involve planning and creating a radio advertisement.  Or, for Accounting studies, it could require that you produce a set of audited financial statements to show us how well you understand the subject matter.

Whatever your chosen course of study, the underlying principal of your education is that, in addition to understanding theory, you must also ‘learn by doing’.  If you progress to one of our university partners for the final stage of a Degree then you will enjoy additional teaching styles that can vary at each university.
n International study of UK qualifications: How it works

Our international Study Centres and Distance Learning options allow you to learn wherever you are, and in a study environment that suits you, so you can achieve your goals in the manner that you prefer.  Through our university partnerships you will also have the opportunity to progress into the final stage of your chosen Degree programme in many locations around the world!  
It’s the 21st century option for international education, which offers you the chance to study from home - or from work, or wherever you choose! It's your opportunity to learn new skills and achieve your goals, even if you thought you didn't have the time or money to do it.

Our aim is to make UK higher education as accessible as possible, allowing you to get the skills, knowledge and qualifications you want, in a way that offers you the greatest flexibility. Whatever your objectives, Axial Colleges can help you get qualified to get ahead, and we’ll support you every step of the way.

We know that learning in an ‘off-campus’ environment sometimes needs real willpower, which is why we ensure our distance-learning students are not alone. You are supported by expert Tutors, Mentors and fellow students as you progress through your studies toward your final qualification.  If you're still unsure about how our campus and online options can work for you, contact us to have your questions answered personally!

n Course Materials

For all of our courses you'll get access to initial learning materials as soon as your application and payment have been processed.  For distance-learning students, any supporting physical materials, such as your Tablet PC if you’ve purchased the Enrolment Starter Pack, will be delivered within two weeks. Campus-based students will receive their materials when their classes begin.

The study materials for your chosen mode of learning have been specially designed by experts in your chosen field, and will allow your learning style to be tailored to your personal situation (whether you’re busy with a start-up business and want to apply your new knowledge immediately, or; perhaps you have a part-time job where you’ll develop your skills as you study. That’s why we work to constantly improve the study options to students across the world!).

n The Teaching Method

Learning with us allows you to learn where and when you want, with the reassurance of full professional support throughout your studies.  Once you have enrolled onto one of our Undergraduate or Postgraduate programs, you will join your new classmates on campus for the new semester with our UK approved lecturers, or if you are a distance-learning student you will be assigned professional tutors, all of whom are carefully selected subject-experts in the programme that you study. Each of our tutors has years of experience and knows the challenges, and the advantages, of international studies.

Some courses have specific requirements like a computer or Internet access.  As always, we inform you of what you need so there will be no surprises when you start, especially for distance-learning students.

Your tutors and lecturers will provide you with academic support and will answer any queries you may have regarding your course, including its content and assessments, and be there to help you through the exciting student-experience. Your tutors and lecturers will ensure that you are fully prepared to succeed in your coursework and assessments by providing review and feedback as you progress through your studies. Your work will be marked in a constructive manner so you know exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

You decide at what pace you wish to progress through the course if you study by distance-learning, or if you enrol at our campuses or Study Centres have the choice of part-time or full-time lectures. Although your tutor is your personal academic guide, if you study by distance you won’t be directed on when and how often to study, and you will be responsible for setting your own realistic deadlines, to achieve your own personal goals for success.

n Assessment

For the majority of courses, you'll need to complete a number of assignments as part of your coursework. For distance-learning students, you will usually be required to submit completed coursework online through the college Submission Portal. If you study on-campus then you will interact and engage with your classmates to complete assessments individually and in groups, and will demonstrate your knowledge and aptitude to your lecturers through a range of practical assessment methods.

By the end of each unit you will have completed up to 5 pieces of assessment to show how your skills and knowledge have developed, the format of which can vary according to the course you are studying.  Your Tutor will review and return these assessments to you with your mark and constructive comments. As a distance-learning student, when you successfully complete a module you will receive a review of your performance and can move onto the next subject.  When you study on campus you’ll follow a normal university semester format, or an executive study format if you are on the intensive MBA-pathway.

Remember that you’re not alone in your studies, and our professional Tutors and lecturers are here to help you when you need it, whether online, on-campus, or at an international Study-Centre. You will also get access to our Student Hub, where you can direct queries to your tutors, chat with fellow students and access our support. You can also keep up to date by joining us on one of our social networking sites!

n How long does a programme run for?

The course lengths vary, so on each course-page you'll find information on the approximate number of study hours involved in that course, and the number of semesters required for campus studies, as well as information on what you’ll learn.  As we have partnerships with universities for students to complete full Degree programmes, the minimum time required to complete an Undergraduate programme is 3 years, and usually 12-18 months for a Postgraduate Degree.

You can find out the duration of a specific programme by choosing the course you are interested in, either under the Courses menu or the Departments menu.  And if you want to discuss the details of the programme, we invite you to contact our Advisors or Study Centres directly for some friendly guidance.

You can choose to complete your course more quickly when you study by distance-learning, if you want to or are able to. If you think you need more time, then many courses allow up to 5 years to complete the qualification when studied part-time or by distance. As part of the support from your tutor, you will receive a study-plan to guide you through completing your qualification in the best time. 

The length of time it takes you to complete your course will depend on how much time you're able to devote to learning each week. Most students complete their level 5 and level 7 courses within a year or 2, although some of our courses require longer periods of study.

If your studies are drastically delayed for some reason, we may be able to extend the support period for some courses, or defer your enrolment for campus studies, but there will usually be an extra cost and you can only extend it so many times.

n Do I need to be in the UK to study these courses?

Not at all!  Our courses are available to students all over the world.  In fact, we have students across many continents, whether at one of our campuses or studying on a distance-learning course, from Australia right across to Africa, so there are no borders when it comes to learning with us!

n Paying Tuition Fees

Depending upon which campus or which mode of study you choose, we aim to make paying tuition fees as simple as possible.  If you will be studying at an Axial campus or Study Centre then you should refer to tuition-fee schedule for that campus directly, and if you prefer to study by distance-learning then please refer to your chosen course of study on this website for details of fees.

A benefit of studying higher education through the Axial Colleges network is the financial flexibility.  Fees are already very affordable when compared with traditional university studies, and our instalment options allow you to spread the costs over the duration the program.

Many units cost only £199 to study by distance-learning, which includes your core study materials, and full-time campus studies are often less than half the cost of attending many universities.

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